We transcribed the population’s registers starting from year 1669 and we designed a huge genealogical tree of all families, with branches in the whole world.
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Abbiamo trascritto i registri della popolazione di Corippo dal 1669 al 1960. È in fase di elaborazione l'Albero Genealogico di ogni patronimo con le relative ramificazioni in tutto il Mondo.
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sabato 3 agosto 2013

Corippo-August 2013

I have written 15 posts about Corippo over the past several months. The excitement of sharing what I know of Corippo has turned to stillness. I am now at the point of waiting for others to come forward. It might be a long wait. This is fine. Stillness too seems to be the language of the village. It is quiet for long periods and then some new story will come forward, or one of the relatives will surface and there will be a flurry of excitement from those either with a historical connection, like myself, or those in love with the special place, like many. Although my posts will be limited by inspiration and time, Corippo's importance and charm will never lessen. I will always have my eyes and ears tuned for new Corippo information and will come here quickly to record what I find.

The photographer Didier Ruef, who was also charmed by Corippo,  has a number of photos of the village on his pages. He gave me permission to post this photo of a piece of Corippo history. See his web page for more.

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