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mercoledì 19 giugno 2013

Arcotti Cousins-Connecting the Dots

One of the funnest aspects of having ancestry in a very small community like Corippo for a genealogist is searching the family tree for the common ancestor. It may go back a few generations, but usually the connection can be found and many times on more than one branch.

Here is the baptism record of my 4th great grandfather Giacomo Antonio Arcotti from 10 Jul 1756. He is also the 5th great grandfather of younger Arcotti cousins currently living in Italy. But we are at least twice related. These cousins and I are actually more closely related on their female Scilacci line going back several generations. Its a rather convuluted tree, but the point is that all Corippians are most likely distant cousins if you travel far enough back it time. With this common stream running through our blood, it is no wonder that so many of us delight in connecting to even the most distant relation.

My approximate translation from the latin:

In the year of our lord 1756, on the 10th of July, by the order of Julius Caesar Callionus Castellanus at St. Bartolomeo church, a part of the diocese of Vogorno is baptized an infant born to Giacomo, son of Giacomo Sgheiza-Arcotti and Giovanna, daughter of Antonio Scarpa who were legitimately married in the church of Mount Carmel in Corippo and impose the name Giacomo Antonio. The godparents are Pietro Sgheiza called Arcotti and Maria Elizabeth... 

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