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sabato 22 giugno 2013

The Arcotti Family Tree

Several years ago I was given three handwritten genealogy trees that are a part of Rae Codoni's research for his book The Corippians. The most recent version is dated May 1988.

The earliest entries of the large tree are two branches of Arcotti which were both at one time in Corippo and were probably brothers. They are Giovanni and Giacomo.


Giovanni was born around 1659 and married Domenica, the daughter of Domenico Macagna in around 1680 and had at least four children. They were Giacomo born around 1681, Giovanni Domenico born around 1686, Giuseppe born 8 Aug 1687 and Bartolomeo born around 1691. From this branch we know only of the children of Bartolomeo but I do not yet have access to the church records from this time but their absence from later records suggest that many moved away from Corippo. Bartolomeo had ten children: Giacomo born around 1714, Maria Domenica around 1715, Giacomina around 1716, Giovanna Maria around 1718, Giovanni around 1719, Giacomina (#2), Angelica, Beltramina Barlolomea around 1726, Maria Innocenta around 1728, and Bartolomeo born 29 Oct 1731. I have not made yet made contact with anyone from this part of the tree.

All of the relatives of which I am aware come from the second branch headed by Giacomo born around 1670 who married Giovanna around 1691. They had at least five children: Giovanni born around 1692, Giacomo around 1698, (who heads the continuing branch), Caterina born around 1701, Domenica around 1703 and Giacomina around 1706. Nothing is known about any of this generation except for Giacomo.

Giacomo, son of Giacomo and Giovanna, was born around 1698. On 28 Apr 1725 he married Maria Elisabetta Scarpa who was born around 1711. She was the daughter of Giacomo Scarpa. They had at least three children: Giacomo Antonio born around 1728, Pietro Antonio born 17 Mar 1732, and Giovanna Maria born around 1737. The three devides here into the the offspring of the two sons. We do know that Giovanna Maria married twice, first to Giovanni Scettrini on 25 Sep 1755 and then to Giovanni Pietro Vairora on 16 Aug 1760.

The descendants of Giacomo Antonio c. 1728 are the only people with whom I have had contact.

Giacomo Antonio, son of Giacomo and Maria Elisabetta Scarpa married Giovanna Antonia Scarpa who was born around 1736. They married in around 1755 and had three children. They were Giovanni Giacomo Antonio Arcotti born 10 Jul 1756, Giovanna Maria who was born around 1765 and who married Pietro Vairora born around 1768,  and Maria Elizabeth who was born around 1772 and  who married Pietro Giovanni Sgheiza on 21 Sep 1795. Nothing more is known at this time about the two daughters.

Giovanni Giacomo Antonio Arcotti, son of Giacomo Antonio and Giovanna Antonia Scarpa was born around 1756. He married twice, first  around 1786 to Marianna Lucia Scettrini daughter of Domenico Scettrini. She was born 24 Jul 1762 and died 15 Sep. 1815.  From this first marriage there were at least nine children. The second marriage was to Giovanna Maria Scarpa on 23 Apr 1816. She was born 17 Jun 1774. There was one child that we know of from the second marriage, a daugher, Maria Giovanna born 19 April 1820. It is from the first marriage that our known relatives stem. Of the nice children, the families of the two youngest sons are known.

The older of the two sons was Bartolomeo Arcotti. He was the eighth child of Giovanni Giacomo Antonio Arcotti and Marianna Lucia Scettrini and was born 9 Feb 1800. Like his father, he married twice, first to Maria Giovanna Sgheiza who was born 29 Aug 1794. They were married 9 Feb 1814 and had four children. Bartolomeo married the second time on 8 Aug 1835 to Maria Lucia Scettrini who was born 14 Sep 1807. 
The marriage of Bartolomeo Arcotti and Maria Giovanna Sgheiza produced four children: Marianna Lucia born 18 Mar 1821, Giovanni Antonio born 31 Aug 1827,  Pietro Bartolomeo Antonio born 16 Aug 1828, and Maria Pasqualina.

Nothing is known of the families of the children of Bartolomeo Arcotti and Maria Giovanna Sgheiza except for that of his third child Pietro Bartolomeo Antonio born in 1828. On 9 Dec 1869, he married Maria Thersia Aloysia Scialcci. They had two children Antonio Bartolomeo Arccotti, my great grandfather, and Angelica. This part of the family lives in the United States,

The second Arcotti branch stems from the  youngest son of Giovanni Giacomo Antonio Arcotti and Marrianna Lucia Scettrini. Their ninth child was Giovanni Antonio who was born 16 May 1803. He married Maria Lucia Scilacci on 23 Jun 1824. They had at least six children: Giovanni Antonio who was born 20 Aug 1829 and died 27 Oct 1829, Giocomo Antonio who was born 4 Jan 1831, Pietro Antonio born 10 Jan 1834, Stephani  Salvatoro born 22 Apr 1842, Pasqual Pietro who was born 22 Mar 1845 and died 8 May 1873 and Antonio Raphael who was bornaround 1846. I know of the children of the fifth child Pasqual Pietro.

Pasqual Pietro, the son of Giovanni Antonio Arcotti and Maria Lucia Scilacci was born in 1845 and married Margarita Scettrini 16 Apr 1865. They had three children: Carmela born 1868, Maria Anna born 10 Jul 1871 and Pietro Pasqual born 7 Dec 1873. It is the descendants of this last child Pietro Pasqual who still live in or near Corippo.

I will not add the children of Pietro Pasqual at this time since they  lived pretty recently. I have held this information close to me for a few years, but after seeing many others with trees online, I decided that these things need to be shared so that the relatives of this dispersed family will somehow reconnect. I would love to be in contact with any branch of the family. I always keep private the information of the living and do have more details and photos which will remain private. Not everything needs to go online. If you have further question, additions, corrections, or photos to share privately, please contact me.

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